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Track of the day

iPhone Beatmaking (Dubstep Edition)

Part of what I want talk about is Mobile Music Production using the iPhone/iPod Touch. Today I will focus on one of the Apps that I find indispensable and downright amazing! Its called Beatmaker by Intua, you can find it on the Appstore for 19.99. I highly recommend this application as it gives you the ability to compose and arrange YOUR OWN SAMPLES, along with the included beatkits. That means you are pretty much able to do any style or genre of music or beat. Also if you combine this app with a Synthesizer app called Argon (2.99 last time I checked) you can make full fledged songs. The only drawback of Beatmaker is the lack of an included piano roll/synth but thanks to the Audio Copy/Paste making a phat bassline is as simple as pie using Argon. I include a track I made entirely on my iPod Touch 3rd Gen 32Gig. Its a dubstep tune complete with the ever so awesome "wobble" bass! Happy Beatmaking Y'all!

iDubstep by *Otter*

The "Amen Break" is by far one of the most important drum samples of all time, it is the backbone for much of the Jungle and Hip-Hop tunes from the 90's - Present Day. It's characterized by Bass drum kicks , followed by a Snare drum hit with hi-hats accompanying. Producing a soung something like, Boom Boom Clack Boom Clack Boom Boom Clack Boom Clack and so on.This "Break" has without a doubt changed my life through being introduced to Drum and Bass music. I would be a liar if I told you it was anything less than legendary!

Give me an Amen by psi36

New tings

So I just got the urge to start this blog. I will mainly focus on the music I like including, DNB, Dubstep, Breaks, and anything else that has that BOOMSOUND! So yeah, look forward to reading more about these different types of electronic music. I also will share my ever growing knowledge of EDM Production using the iPhone + Apps as a Portable Digital Audio Workstation. Thanks for checking out my blog :)